Quality is integral to our operational excellence & our Quality philosophy is a tangible expression of one of our core values.

We follow multipronged approach to maintain the quality of the work product.

Our Litigation Service processes are Six Sigma driven (ISO 9001) with a high focus on quality to provide the above services right from inception through to the closure.

We have a separate quality team for Quality control consisted of senior and experienced attorneys, which are as under:

  • Quality Assurance Team
  • Quality Check Team

As a standard, our quality assurance team reviews 7-10% the whole work on the random bases produced by the first level and generate the deficiency report.

As a standard, after the quality assurance, a senior level quality expert checks the work produced on random and test basis @ 15-20% and/or on broader key words.

However, we apply different Quality approach for DR, CLM and Legal Support Services.

The above two-stage quality control is applied before the work produced is delivered to the client.