Guaranteed Cost saving @70%.

Capacity Building: Capacity to provide contingent legal professionals as low as 1 and as high as over 1000 by leveraging its existing infrastructure & space.

Greater flexibility that allows our clients to hire Legal Professionals for short & long-term i.e. for one day, one week or as long as they need and hire 1 legal professional to over 100 legal professionals either on part-time or full-time basis.

Grow & shrink Contingent Legal Staff as per needs.

Easy to enter & Easy to exit.

World-Class “Document Review Project Rooms”, “CLM Laboratories” & “Advanced Research Centers”: World-Class & State-of-the-Art technology enabled, secured and well equipped with latest technology & equipment to ensure the most comfortable, productive & secured environment enabling our clients not to be concerned with the capacity or technological limitations of their own work space.

Global Legal knowledge: Experienced Attorneys & Paralegals having extensive knowledge of US Legal System, UK Legal System etc.


Technological Capabilities: Vast experience on working all the third party and customized e-Discovery Tools & CLM Tools

Same day Deployment: Deployment of Contingent Legal Staff same day upon request from the clients.

Transfer of knowledge & experiences to the employees by our group concern Aeren LPO, which is India’s leading Legal Outsourcing Service provider.

Client’s Extended & Virtual office in India.

Strategic Partner not a Vendor: Shreman creates value by becoming a strategic partner with its clients instead of just be a vendor. This long term bond helps our clients not only saving substantial cost but helps them in improving their process efficiency, enhanced productivity, better cost predictability and high level of quality and transparency through strategic guidance, sharing deep domain expertise built over the time and effective project management matrix.

Ensuring highest level of ethics & code of conduct and best legal practices

Scalability & Continuity– on the spot deployment of additional resources to match the growing, urgent and temporary requirements of our clients through our ready-to-use infrastructure and well maintained buffer resources

Flexible and customized pricing and engagement model

Aeren LPO Academy a group concern solidify our commitment to provide clients with the best talent who can address their most complex business requirements expeditiously.

The Academy not only helps Shreman to keep their employees nurture their skills & knowledge but keeps them abreast latest development in Legal Industry and technology apart from also helping aspiring LPO professionals with structured training on domain knowledge, soft skills, process, and technical expertise to deliver end-to-end business solutions.

Continuous structured education & training through Aeren LPO Academy

Integrated IT and Legal domain expertise

Access to cutting-edge technology

Seamless technology enabled workflow

Measurable enhanced business value creation

Value through matrix – process matrix, quality matrix, security matrix & delivery matrix

Access to best-in-class processes

Innovative, scalable & flexible delivery model

Better control over resources